Celebrate the emotion called "FOOD"

We at Spice Rack offer an enormous range of delectable options from the famous Indian, Chinese and Thai Cuisine.

Indian Food in the Banquet Hall


The Indian food is popular for its vibrant colours, rich flavours and unique taste. Each of its delicacies offers a delighting treat to the taste buds and their irresistible aroma makes this cuisine so popular. Spice Rack has brought the authentic flavours of some of the famous and loved elements from the starters, gravies, breads and desserts of this fantastic cuisine for the enthusiasts of Indian food.

Chinese Food in the Catering


One of the most popular cuisines that is popular for its vibrant catalogue of ingredients and unique recipes. The Chinese Cuisine offers countless options of delicious dishes that can be savoured in numerous combinations with other delicacies. A fascinating blend of sweet, sour, spicy and salty, this fabulous cuisine can surely make someone crave for it.

Thai Food in Banquet Hall


All the way from the streets of Thailand, Spice Rack brings the delicacies of the Thai cuisine to New Jersey. Known to a gorgeous mix of healthy and flavorous ingredients, the Thai food is also among the spiciest of all Asian cuisines.

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